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cider lineup


These ciders are more in tune with the cidermaking traditions of England's western counties. Aged for 9 months or more in oak barrels which were once the vessels for the aging of different spirits. These ciders take on subtle cues from the original spirits.

Wicked Wiles: Bourbon

From a blend of two apple varieties then aged in “brewed-in” bourbon barrels for a minimum of 9 months.

Wicked Wiles: Rye

Same fermentation procedure as our Wicked Wiles: Bourbon, but characteristically less sour.

Wicked Wiles: Brandy

Unique among our barrel-aged creations, this cider is lightly carbonated after aging to balance the brandy and apple notes.

Wicked Wiles: Rum

Produced in limited amounts, this cider is similar to Wicked Wiles Rye, with very subtle rum notes on the finish.

The Winston

The Winston is a blend of Malice and Wicked Wiles: Bourbon. Lightly carbonated with subtle bourbon notes.