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Frequently Asked Questions

Our cider maker was born and raised in Suffolk, England. The styles of ciders there are off-dry, crisp and refreshing. He tries to replicate those ciders and he does a pretty good job!

We use several varieties of apples to make our ciders. Each cider is different in our approach. Some are fermented with yeast and some are fermented naturally using the natural yeasts in our facility and on the apples themselves. Our main variety of apple we use are Goldrush.

After fermenting slowly and then racking the juice from the lees (dead yeast cells) our ciders undergo malolactic fermentation (MLF) which turns the harsher malic acid into a softer lactic acid. This also helps to clear the juice, so we don’t need to filter. We feel this gives us a much more balanced cider to enjoy.

Most of our ciders are 6.0% abv. There are a few exceptions, with the barrel aged ciders being higher and without carbonation.

Yes. We aim to make one in the near future for those who like to drink lower alcoholic beverages. We aim for a 4% cider when we have finished with all the various taste testing and trials.

It would have to be Worley’s Cider back in England. Delicious.

If we don’t have distribution in your State ask your local stores to reach out to a distributor to carry us. We are growing all the time and want to be in as many States and stores as possible.

Also, you can buy all our ciders on the website and they deliver to most States.